First Gen Says: Vanity vs Sanity

Nalan Mehmet

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought about having some cosmetic surgery?

I know I have. I’ve often thought I could perhaps reduce the size of my nose, get my teeth straightened and I would definitely benefit from an all over liposuction, but all that said and done, would I really ever go through with it?

No! To go through such pain and discomfort for vanity, to change the way I look so drastically, to change ME? I couldn’t do it. I am who I am, this is me, whether I love all my imperfections or not, they are what makes me who I am today.

It’s become the norm today to conform ourselves to look a certain way, almost like a uniform. Hair extensions, false lashes or extensions, teeth whitening, lip fillers, cheek fillers, nose fillers, botox, breast augmentation, brazilian butt lift, face lift and the list goes on. With the young, old and all genders falling into the hunger trap of looking young, pretty, fit and sexy. Young men and women of this generation are more obsessed with their appearance than the true qualities in people and general life. Surely a person’s personality should speak more volume than their appearance.

Parading their half-naked bodies all over social media. Girls using their over filled duck lips to pout and pose their body provocatively. It doesn’t end with their appearance either. The behaviour of todays youngsters has altered somewhat too. Rowdy and loud, young women falling all over the place drunk and out of control. Male or female, anticipating the weekend so they can go out wearing next to nothing and get drunk again and again.

Children no longer want to be children. The girls dressed and covered in layers of makeup with badly overdrawn eyebrows, false eyelashes and acrylic nails, 10 going on 25.

I feel that today’s society is lacking self respect. Not just self respect, but respect for others. They lack class and dignity. I believe this all stems from the lack of self confidence. Social media plays a major part in all of this alongside peer pressure. Girls are constantly under pressure to appease prospective partners and that usually involves giving up more of themselves. Its a vicious cycle.

Girls and boys, so called influencers, advertising their supposed perfect lives, gorgeous face and body alongside their beautiful partner using filters to enhance and convince all their followers on social media, all along deceiving them into believing that perfection exists. The illusion being that if you look perfect and beautiful, you will attract beauty and money. There is this hunger for money because money equals personal greatness. Many young girls looking for the next footballer or sugar daddy, with no consideration for their own self worth.

The success of reality tv shows is based on selling the lifestyle. Youngsters crave the lifestyle and image that they are willing to sell themselves short for and sell their souls to the devil in order to achieve fame and fortune in the shortest and easiest way possible. After all no education is needed!

One must ask where has the innocence gone? Why have we become so unknowingly self destructive? There’s more to it than social media.

In the old days men went to work to bring the bread home and keep the roof over their family’s head. Whilst women stayed at home, run the house, cooked and brought up the children. As a woman myself I would have to say it is very outdated, in this day and age men and women should be free to do whatever they choose to. However I can see how today’s lifestyle has affected the mindset of children a lot more than we could ever have imagined.

The majority of women today are unable to stay at home with their children because they can’t afford to. There is a higher number of single parent households today then there was in bygone days. The parental guidance and role model is not as prevalent as it once was. Most children come home from school to an empty house, some are carers for their parents or younger siblings. Children are forced to grow up sooner than they should and as a result are looking for a way out.

Ultimately, their mentality is out of sync. The number of kids struggling with mental health is continuing to rise with suicide being another route out. Bullied into conforming, bullied for not conforming and yet bullied if conformed a little too well.

In my opinion, children are no longer allowed to be children and yet they are scrutinised for their actions.

Firstly, we the adults need to be adults, parents need to be parents in order for children to be able to be children once again.

Maybe we should be questioning our morals, family values and how good a role model we are to our children. After all, our children are a product of our parenting.

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