From Root to Vine Podcast, Episode 7: Sex and Relationships

How many of you girls were raised on the ideology that women must not have sex until they are married? If you were, you’d be like our founder, Demel Mehmet, who recently joined Maria Christodoulou on From Root to Vine, a podcast celebrating and exploring Cypriot roots in the UK. This episode explored a somewhat taboo topic within the Cypriot community: sex and relationships.

Navigating the realm of relationships and exploring and understanding your sexual identity can be very difficult in general, but when you’re a Cypriot girl, it’s a little harder, what with all the stereotypes and stigmas. Demel explores her upbringing, having been raised in a predominantly white area with no Cypriot or Turkish peers but to very traditional parents and relatives, and the ways in which it has affected, and still does affect, her view on sex and relationships. From staying a virgin until marriage, to gendered differences, and the desire to marry a fellow Turkish Cypriot, take a listen to this candid discussion and hear how the oldhead raise their children!

You can find all episodes of From Root to Vine on Spotify here, or on Apple Podcasts, and be sure to give them a follow on their social channels:


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