Dobra Dobra - GibrisTV X Okkupied

On Friday 16th April 2021, Okkupied founder, Demel Mehmet, joined GibrisTV on their livestream segment, Dobra Dobra, streamed exclusively on Facebook. Alongside Demel was Reşo Ali, founder of GibrisTV, and Ayhan Korel, a regular guest on the show. The discussion, half in English, half in Turkish, explored the Cyprus problem and the guests’ opinions on partition vs unification.

Demel’s stance is clear, in her belief that unification won’t work on the island and should not even be considered, but while Ayhan may not want unification in an ideal world, he is anti-Turkey and definitely against the amount of involvement President Erdoğan has in North Cyprus. Neither opinion is uncommon within the Turkish Cypriot community, with many sharing the same views, but things got a little heated, both in the livestream and in the comments, with some strong opinions and clear differences regarding the matter.

Be sure to watch the full stream below to find out what was said and how the debate went.

You can find GibrisTV on Facebook here, and keep an eye out for their website coming soon!

Stay tuned for more from GibrisTV X Okkupied.


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