Giving a voice to the voiceless.

Our Aim

Okkupied is a new media publication committed to giving a voice to the voiceless. Our primary focus is on, but not limited to, the Turkish Cypriot community. Okkupied aims to address misrepresentation and injustice through platforming the creative and editorial work of our community across essay, opinion, educational, humorous, lifestyle, and personal content; Our stories. By us. We want to showcase our greatest loves, our favourite foods, our go-to destinations, our businesses, our childhood recollections, our traditions, amongst other non-Turkish Cypriot matters. The list is endless, and we want to hear these stories from you.

Turkish Cypriots remain an invisible minority. We are not a recognised state. We are barely a recognised race. We aim to shine a light on Turkish Cypriots, demand recognition and ignite change, while educating the world on what makes Cypriots who we are. We want to make ourselves visible, providing a central platform for readers of all ages and interests to learn about our Cypriot culture, something that is fading away ever so fast with the rapid Westernisation of the world.

We must delve into our roots and reconstruct what history has divided. We can’t wait for them to approach us. We must reach out to them.

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Your voice is my voice. Don't forget that.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Our Name

We receive plenty of raised eyebrows regarding the name Okkupied. Some claim it feeds into the Greek Cypriot narrative and a lot question the reasoning behind the choice of the word Okkupied. We wish we could reply with the famous Will Ferrell line from Blades of Glory and tell you no one knows what it means, but it’s provocative. It gets the people going! But we want you to understand; the word ‘occupied’ has always been thrown in the Turkish Cypriot community’s face. It has always been part of a phrase that has been continuously used against us for 46 years, whether during arguments with fellow Cypriots or plastered all over page 1 of a simple ‘impartial’ Google search. Okkupied has deeper meaning than seeming to agree with the Greek Cypriot narrative. If the world wants to claim that Turkish Cypriots are occupying land, so be it, we are occupying our OWN land, just as Greek Cypriots are occupying a different portion of Cyprus land. Ultimately, aren’t we all occupying something? We are reclaiming the word occupied, instead of running away from it and fighting it, we are owning it and reversing it. 

Whilst you’re here, learning new things, chuckling at our childhood stories, and resonating with our writers, we’re occupying you. We didn’t think ‘Occupied’ was representative enough, though. It’s too ordinary. The domains were also already taken. So we changed the cc to kk, representing Kuzey Kibris (Translation: North Cyprus). It just makes sense. And, if we say so ourselves, it is clever. You may only understand the meaning behind the kk if you’re reading this, but hey, this can be our little secret.